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Permissions Introduction

Delegation is a key to making your web site successful. If only one person can administer the content of your site they will become a bottleneck to the site being used. By giving web site permissions to those who have responsibility for different areas, you empower them to manage areas of the web site by themselves.

The Golden Rules of Permissions

There are two important rules to the way permissions are assigned for each group in the Web Office:

Rule 1 - Peer Security

Permission to perform a particular task in a group may only be given by someone who already holds that permission for that group. For example if you would like to be able to create a document in the 'children' folder you must be given that permission by someone who holds the documents and media permission for the 'children' folder. 

In the permissions view the only permissions you will be allowed to see are those permissions which you already hold.

Rule 2 - Permissions Propagate 

Any permission you hold for a particular group you will automatically hold for any sub-groups. For example, the 'childrens' work leader who has the 'documents and media' permission at the 'children's' folder level will automatically have that same permission for the sub-groups below that e.g.creche etc. They will also have the same permissions for any new sub-groups which are subsequently added.

For more detailed instructions on assigning permissions read the Web Office Permissions article.