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What are Tags?

Tagging, put simply, is the ability to add keywords to a virtual "item" in much the same way as you would stick labels on a physical object.  You can add any number of tags to your item and use them in future to find that item more easily.

Tags can be added to audio & video recordings, articles, events, images and uploaded documents (pdfs or Word documents for example). Tags are then searched for in the site search and can also appear at the base of an article or in the "Tag Cloud" component.

Adding Tags

  • Select the content item in the web office that you wish to tag (tags can only be added in the Web Office). 
  • When you change the item's title, and other properties, you will see a "Tags" edit box where you can type in the tags you wish to label your content with. If you begin to add a tag word that is similar to a previously added tag on your web site it will be displayed so you can use the same tag if you wish, this helps group similar content together. To remove an entered tag simply click the cross symbol.
  • Once you have entered all the tag words you require click Save to commit your changes.