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How do I create a link to a specific location in my page (anchor link)?

You can create a link from a word, or phrase, in your content to another place in the same page (this is referred to as an 'anchor' link). This could be used to take a user from a question to the answer further down the page, or as a 'top of page' link that takes the user from the bottom of the page to the top, without having to scroll.

Creating an anchor link

  1. Login and access the web office.
  2. Select the group folder that contains the article you wish to create a link from.
  3. Select the 'documents' tab within that folder, the work pane will refresh to display the published articles in that group.
  4. Click the article title that you wish to create a link from, the article contents will load shortly afterwards.
  5. Once the contents of the article is displayed click the place you wish to link to, so your cursor appears there, and then select the insert anchor link button Anchor-link-icon from the document editor toolbar. 
  6. An anchor properties window should be displayed, enter the name of the point you wish to link to (the name just needs to be something you'll understand when you see it listed). Click OK to commit this. A red flag icon should be displayed in the editor indicating where the anchor has been added.
  7. To link to your 'anchor' select the word(s) that you wish to be your link (left-click and drag you mouse over the word to highlight it).
  8. Select the link option from the Document Editor toolbar (it's the first option), to launch the link pop-up window.
  9. Select the 'Anchor' tab from the link window.
  10. Select the anchor from the drop-down list of anchors and click OK to commit your link and return to your article.
  11. Click 'Save' within the document editor to commit your changes to the article.

Creating links to anchors on other pages

You can link to a specific piece of content on another page as follows:
  • First add an anchor to the page on your site you wish to link to, as described in step 5 above, or add an anchor to the page on another website you wish to link to.
  • Next create a link to the relevant page in the normal way.
  • Click on the 'Source' button in the document editor toolbar to display the HTML source of your article.
  • Locate the code for your link, links in HTML use the <a href> tag so it'll look something like this<a href="/Publisher/Article.aspx?ID=142493">create a link</a>
  • Attach the name of the anchor link to your link using the following syntax: '#anchorname' e.g.<a href="/Publisher/Article.aspx?ID=142493#anchorname">create a link (step 4)</a>