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Group name automatic URL redirect

Did you know that adding the name of an area of your web site to your domain name in the address bar of your browser, automatically forwards the user to that specific area.

For example if you’ve created an area called ‘contact us’ you can add ‘/contactus’ (note no spaces between the words) to your domain name e.g. When it’s entered in your browser's address bar it’ll automatically forward you to that area of the web site.

This can be useful when you wish to publicise some particular content on your web site e.g. an event or conference, as you can include the direct domain alias on publicity material.

You can also add your own alias redirection. This enables you to have a short neat url that's easy to remember that you could redirect to a specific article on your site. To do this you can add an alias under the URL Redirection section under Settings.

You can also redirect a menu item to a new location for more information see the article about this called 'How can I redirect a menu option/group to another location?'