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Blogs provide commentary or news on a particular subject, or function as more personal online diaries. Blogs have become common place on web sites during the last decade, even on big corporate sites, as they can add a human and personal style that is attractive to readers as they demand openess from organisations.

Blog posts are displayed in reverse chronological order, and are simple articles that don't display modules.

This article describes how to add a blog component to an article.

Creating a Blog within Hubb

  1. First create an area for your blog in your site structure by creating a 'user' group. Title the group as simply 'Blog', or something a bit more personal e.g. Sue's Blog. See for information on how to create a group.
  2. Create a test entry for your blog. It could be only a one sentance with a title e.g. test blog post1, just something so you can see how a post will be displayed in your blog during the next step.
  3. Now create another article in the group; add the title of your blog to it e.g.Sue's Blog.
  4. Place your cursor at the appropriate location in the article then click the add component button, and select the blog component from the list.
  5. The component will be added to your article and there'll be a new window to allow you to change the blog settings.
    • Change the component settings to adjust the margin around the component and toggle the component title and footer bars.
    • Change the Blog display options to your requirements. For example you may wish to display more than the default latest 3 blog posts.
    • Click OK when you happy with the setup.
  6. Preview the article to check the display. If your blog displays undesired elements on the page e.g. the title and summary of the latest blog posts are repeated below my blog posts then you'll need to apply a different layout to your group that doesn't contain these elements.
  7. Select Save to commit your changes.
  8. Now set this article to be the group homepage article by selecting the group homepage icon.
  9. You should now be ready to begin posting in your blog. When creating articles for your blog keep the Author field filled with your name. This will mean the publish date is displayed which is important for blog entries.