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SMS Text messaging

SMS (Short Message Service) is a form of text messaging communication to mobile phones. You can send SMS messages from your website to users who have a mobile phone number entered.

Please see this article on creating a keyword so you SMS messages are shown as coming from you.

Sending SMS messages

To send SMS messages from your website you'll need the following to be in place:

  • The SMS feature needs to be enabled. Please contact us to request this.
  • You'll need the SMS mailing permission.
  • You'll need at least one user with a cell number in the group of people you've selected to mail.


UK Hubb websites will be charged 7 pence plus VAT for each SMS credit used.

US hosted Hubb websites are charged $25 per month + approximately 5 cents for each SMS credit used.

1 credit is normally used per message but longer messages, or SMS messages to cell phones in other regions may cost more.

Charges for sending SMS messages will appear on your monthly bill under Settings > Billing

Because of the cost, by default there is a limit of 100 SMS per day, please contact us at to increase this limit.

Sending an SMS message

To send an SMS message create a new mailing in the 'Mailing' feature as normal. When selecting the 'recipients' you will now see an SMS correspondence method option in addition to the usual correspondence methods of: e-mail, post etc. Note: other administrators won't see this option if they don't have the necessary permission (see instructions below on granting the SMS permission to other users). If the SMS option is selected, when you proceed you'll arrive at the step where you can write your SMS message.

Enabling SMS as a preferred correspondence method

If you wish to allow your site users to select SMS text messaging as their preferred correspondence method then you need to select this option on the required 'Mailing Channel'. Mailing channels available correspondence methods can be edited under Settings > E-mails > Mailing Channels.

Granting the SMS permission to other administrators

You can assign the SMS permission to users in the normal way (it's located under the 'Administration' permissions). This permission will enable a user to send SMS messages that will cost your organisation money (see charges above) you should be particularly carefully with who is assigned this permission.