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Remembrance Day Resources

Remembrance Day is on Friday November 11th, with Remembrance Sunday being on November 13th.
Here are a few resources for churches, and other organisations, who wish to mark this day on their website.

Website graphics

We have created a few images that you can add to your website slideshow and content pages.

If you need any help with managing images on your site please take a look at the videos:

To save any image below, just right click on it and then save the image to your device.

Slideshow Images (2000 x 750px)
Remembrance-slide-02a Remembrance-slide-02b
Remembrance-slide-01a Remembrance-slide-01b
Feature Images (800 x 400px)
Remembrance-image-800px-02a Remembrance-image-800px-02b
Remembrance-image-800px-01a Remembrance-image-800px-01b

Remembrance Day Announcement Bar

If you plan to hold a special service to mark Remembrance Sunday then we can provide an announcement bar for it.
This can sit below the slideshow on the homepage of your website, and an example can be seen below.

Remembrance bar grey

If you'd like an announcement bar added to your website, please fill in this form with details of what you'd like the bar to say, and where you'd like it to point in your site.

Email address:
Website Address:
What do you want the text on the bar to say:
Which group in the web site should this point to (please give full url)