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Children's Holiday Clubs 


Are you thinking of running any children’s clubs during the holidays? If so, Hubb can help you profile your event, take free or paid-for bookings and save you time and effort managing your event. 

Watch the video or take a read through the information below.

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Let’s look at our demo church website, the Town Church, and I can show you what I have done for my upcoming summer camp. 

Everything you see on this page is created with our new payment group system, and we can show you how to create this on your church website. We can even help you get an area on your app to make it easier for your members and those in your local community to register.

As you can see, you can create a visually appealing page where you can list the dates, times, location and other important information about the event. 

Lower down the page, you have the booking form. The parent or guardian can fill in the form and then process the details of the children they would like to book.

As I am a logged-in member of the church, my details are stored securely, and I can progress through the booking without having to add the details that the church already holds.

The fields of information I am asking for in this example are not fixed, and you can modify the information and booking options that work best for your event. It’s very flexible, and you know that if you have a question or need a hand, just get in touch with us, and we will help.

Once the booking details are added, you can complete the registration by confirming the last 4 digits of your card, adding a new card, or if it is a free event, you will bypass the payment details altogether. If it’s helpful for your church, you can allow a booking to go through and let the person pay offline, like a cheque or cash.

You can easily add voucher codes, too, for example, if you know some people are on low incomes and you would like to bless them with a more affordable price.

When the booking is complete, the booker will get a nice email which you can personalise. Did you know Hubb can also host your church email?

You can give your leaders, staff and volunteers an @[yourdomain] email address that works brilliantly on their phone and any browser. This is just one more area of managing your church that Hubb can help with…  For more information go to

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Our recent website templates look good and work well on mobile phones and we also highly recommend making the most of your app and allowing members to log in. They can stay logged in for longer and get super fast access to events, media, rotas and more, and as I mentioned earlier, when booking onto an event like this, their details are retained to help save time and effort, which in the long-term will help you increase your engagement with your members and get you up and running in the digital age.

Hubb Templates visual-hi res

Hubb App visuals-Town Church-h

I would like to encourage you to look around and see what we have done with Hubb to create what we think is an excellent example of a church website.

I hope you have found this article interesting, and I encourage you to contact our team at, and we can help you get started with your event.